Can Excess Weight Lead to Anxiety and Depression?

Being overweight can cause a long list of physical health problems, from type 2 diabetes to heart disease. However, it can also take a toll on your emotional health. When people achieve their weight loss goals in Fort Wayne , they often find that they feel better both physically and emotionally. Anxiety and depression are two emotional conditions that frequently plague people before they decide to lose weight. Continue reading to find out more. Anxiety and Obesity Obesity and anxiety are linked in a number of ways, and each appears to reinforce the other. For some people, anxiety can cause them to eat [...]

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Lose Weight and Get Back Your Social Life

Being overweight or obese can have many consequences. In addition to the increased risk of health problems, individuals who are overweight must often face social stigma and they may hesitate to participate in social activities. Losing weight is a life-changing event that can positively affect relationships as well as health. Visiting a weight loss center near Fort Wayne is the first step toward reclaiming your life. Enjoying Renewed Self-Confidence Given the significant social stigma of overweight and obesity, it’s not surprising that many individuals who struggle with their weight have trouble interacting with others. They may be worried that others are silently [...]

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The Emotional Benefits of Losing Weight

For many people, weight loss is a pressing issue. Doctors often advise patients to lose weight after a diagnosis of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, sleep apnea, and many other health problems. Although the physical health benefits of safe weight loss are undeniable, many people are motivated to follow weight loss plans in Fort Wayne because they want to feel better about themselves. You’ll Grow in Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that achieving your weight loss goals may help you feel a burst of self-confidence and help you renew your self-esteem. There is even scientific [...]

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