Being overweight or obese can have many consequences. In addition to the increased risk of health problems, individuals who are overweight must often face social stigma and they may hesitate to participate in social activities. Losing weight is a life-changing event that can positively affect relationships as well as health. Visiting a weight loss center near Fort Wayne is the first step toward reclaiming your life.

Enjoying Renewed Self-Confidence
Given the significant social stigma of overweight and obesity, it’s not surprising that many individuals who struggle with their weight have trouble interacting with others. They may be worried that others are silently judging or criticizing them, for example. After losing weight, it may take a little time to become accustomed to your new body and to adjust your self-perceptions. As you do so, however, you’ll likely enjoy a boost of self-confidence that will serve you well during your interactions with others.

Reducing Social Anxiety
Individuals who are overweight or obese and who struggle with anxiety disorders may sometimes use their weight as a reason to justify their avoidance of social situations. If this describes you, you may find that as you reach your weight loss goals, you’ll become a more active participant in social activities . However, you may still find that social anxiety issues limit your enjoyment of interactions. Some people who have lost a great deal of weight work with mental health counselors to help them get the most out of their newfound freedom.

Changing Social Activities
Successful weight loss programs involve changing your habits, not embarking on a fad diet to temporarily lose the pounds. As you work toward your weight loss goals, you’ll learn how to navigate menus in restaurants, how to select healthy ingredients at the grocery store, and how to use low-fat cooking techniques. Once you’ve achieved your ideal body, it’s important to continue these habits. For some people, this may mean adjusting their social life a little. Social activities are often centered on food, high-calorie alcoholic beverages, and sedentary activities. You can maintain your weight loss by changing your social activities to reflect your healthy new lifestyle.