Losing Weight Isn’t Easy 
But It Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Start Losing Weight


With so many low-carb diet resources available today, it’s hard to know how to put it all together.

We’ve created an easy-to-follow, coach-assisted weight loss program that gives you confidence in your meal choices and, ultimately, your body.

Start With A Team


True Weight Loss Solutions has successfully used this program to help hundreds of our in-clinic clients. This program has been developed to be easy to understand and easy to follow. Our program provides the safest, healthiest and fastest weight loss possible.

Coach Susie and Coach Cass are here to assist you through the program on a daily basis with Dr. Lee Nagel and Dr. Heath Nagel providing oversight and direction on your weight loss journey.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Heath

Coach Cass and Coach Susie

True Weight Loss Solutions Team Photo
Start With An Advantage

Derrick Keener
6 months
45 pounds

“I’ve been on the program for about 6 months now, I feel great! Lots of energy, run around with the grandkids, keep busy. The best part of the program for me was losing weight quickly. It’s tough but when you see those pounds drop every day it keeps you motivated to stay on track.”

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Easy to Follow


A QuickStart E-Guide with step by step instructions

Daily emails to keep you on track and aware of what’s coming

Ready-made Meal Plans, Recipes and Food Lists

Coach Assisted


Option to be assigned to a personal coach

Coaching is available through the mobile app for questions and advice

Our coaches have decades of combined experience

Tools for Success

Tool for Success

A comprehensive video library with educational videos with tips, trick and advice along the way

A digital scale and ketone meter to help you track your progress and results

A world-class mobile app for tracking weight, meals, exercise and more

Start With A Plan


1 Prepare

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day and neither will your weight. Our program will spend the first week or so preparing you for your weight loss journey before you make your first meal decision.

We’ll help you get the mobile app installed, make sure you’ve received your supplements, other products and introduce you to our educational videos.

2 Track

The most successful weight loss programs all have one thing in common, accountability. Accountability to your family, your coaches, and most importantly, to yourself.

You’ll use the mobile app to track your meals, exercise, water and more. Your coaches will be monitoring your progress and commitment level. Sometimes we all need a little push every once in a while.

3 Results

Your level of preparation, commitment to your weight loss activities and staying accountable to yourself will ultimately lead to the realization of your weight loss goals.

With your level of preparation, your commitment to the weight loss goals you’ve set for yourself and staying accountable to your family, your coach and yourself your weight loss goals are all but assured.

Start Losing Weight
Lynne and Larry

Lynne & Larry Shinabery

Lynne: “The first 6 weeks are the most critical and so I was concerned that eating that little food would be difficult. And surprisingly it wasn’t.”

Larry: “The numbers went down, not always a lot, but the numbers went down every day…which was very encouraging so that made you feel good to keep going on.”

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For years we have offered our proven year-long $1,999 metabolic recovery program to clients in clinic. Now we are offering our Quick Start Program at a fraction of the cost, to help as many people regain control of their health as possible.

We designed this stepwise program to give our clients the knowledge and skill set to achieve rapid, healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Dr. Heath and Dr. Lee Nagel


  • Full Supplement Kit
  • QuickStart E-Guide
  • Exclusive Mobile app access
  • Educational Videos
  • Daily email guidance
  • This program is only recommended if you already have a keto meter


*$6.99 per month after 3 months



  • Full Supplement Kit
  • QuickStart E-Guide
  • Exclusive Mobile app access
  • Educational Videos
  • Daily email guidance
  • Coach-assisted
  • KetoMojo Glucose & Ketone Meter
  • 50 Glucose & 50 Ketone Test Strips
  • Mobile App-integrated Bluetooth scale


*$6.99 per month after 3 months



  • Unlimited access
  • Coach-assisted
  • Texting
  • Email
  • Scheduled phone call or video chat access


*per month

I Want More Details About the Program

Katelyn Miller
13 weeks
70 pounds

“Having a coach was the best part of the program for me because it gives me the accountability I need and someone to celebrate all the victories with. Hardest part of the program was getting past the mental things that I was used to doing. I’m definitely recovering from being addicted to food…..but it’s worth it to just push through and do what’s best for your body cause you’ll be the one feeling better in the long run.”

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