12-Week Basic Program

True Weight Loss Solutions – 12-Week Basic Program

Basic Program

Our True Weight Loss Solutions weight loss program is truly one of the easiest to follow low-carb diet and lifestyle programs available today. We have created this program after many years of one-on-one, in-clinic experience to support rapid, healthy weight loss.

  • Full Supplement Kit
  • QuickStart E-Guide
  • Exclusive Mobile app access
  • Educational Videos
  • Daily email guidance
  • Coach-assisted
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$6.99 per month after 3 months

True Weight Loss Solutions Mobile App

Our mobile app is the command center for your weight loss journey. We have worked very hard to ensure that our mobile app provides you with the educational materials, tools for success and most of all accountability to help you become successful on your weight loss journey.



You will be able to ask questions and receive advice with our coaches and doctors. Real people, real advice.

Educational Videos

Educational Videos

We have an extensive library of videos helping you with common questions and tips for success. Our videos cover the basics of ketosis to how to handle stalls in your weight loss and even how to prepare your kitchen.

Goal Tracking

Goal Tracking

Goal setting helps keep you accountable and benchmarks your progress throughout your journey.

Meal Tracking

Meal Tracking

Tracking your meals will help you stay accountable to yourself and your coaches. It is very easy to lose track of what you are eating, how much of it you are eating and when you are eating.

Weight Tracking

Weight Tracking

Tracking your weight will be an important motivator and diagnostic tool. Weighing daily creates an awareness and to see your success over time.

Recipes & Meal Planning

Meal Planning

We have many step-by-step recipes that are easy-to-follow for all skill levels. We have meal plans you can follow from day one which is especially helpful if you need a plan you can just follow.


Janell Fuller
15 weeks
32 pounds

“I’ve been on the program for 15 weeks, after the first 12 weeks I lost 25 lbs and I continued my journey and I’ve lost a total of 32 lbs. If you’re thinking about trying out this program, I’d say go for it. This has truly changed my life.”

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The supplements we have created for our in-clinic programs and now available to you are a critical part of ensuring early and rapid success on our weight loss programs. These supplements will ensure that you prepare your body for rapid weight loss and begin burning fat quickly and consistently throughout this program.

Detox Complex
A proprietary blend of natural ingredients that focuses on eliminating toxins and restoring normal hormones function.

Energy Complex
A proprietary blend of natural ingredients that sustains natural energy level.

Fat Loss Activation Complex
A proprietary blend of natural ingredients that aid in shifting the body into fat metabolism as well as controlling your appetite.


Dan Shoemaker
10 months
90+ pounds

“The health benefits are most advantageous. I feel better. Part of it I believe I enjoyed because of the learning aspect of it. Just learning how to eat. Biggest struggle was probably just getting started.”

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Your Weight Loss Team

The program we are making available to you today was created, tested and refined in our weight loss clinics. The team you will work directly with, Dr. Lee & Heath Nagel, Coach Cass and Coach Susie, have years of experience working with people just like you who are ready to make a radical change in your life. 

Coach Cass

Cassidy Koons, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and 200 YTT, is passionate about helping people make their lives and health a priority, not just for a short time, but implement changes for life. She helped create True Weight Loss Solutions and has coached hundreds of clients since 2015.

“Let me let you in on a little secret, I grew up eating mostly hamburgers, mac ‘n cheese, cereal, chocolate cake, and lots of Dr. Pepper. My husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2009 was the beginning of our journey. We started reading labels, cleaning out the bad, buying the good. REAL FOOD is the best tasting food on the planet. My biggest advice is to keep it simple and it’s a journey, not a sprint.”

Cassidy received her health coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was trained in numerous dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. Her education has provided her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.

Cassidy enjoys teaching yoga, reading, hiking, cooking, traveling, and spending time with her husband and three kids.

P.S. My husband is CANCER FREE and was released from his oncologist!

Coach Susie

Susie Cook, one of our very first Lead Wellness Coaches at True Weight Loss Solutions, has a passion to help others regain control of their health and maximize their quality of life!

“I want clients to understand the WHY behind everything. The more they understand, the more value they have to make the new lifestyle stick long-term”

Susie received her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training at Western Michigan University. She went on to become a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer.

“After working with Dr. Heath Nagel as his Rehab Director for 4 years and seeing many clients try to do all the right things and still struggle with weight loss, we all saw the need for a structured weight loss program that centered around coaching and accountability. That is when True Weight Loss Solutions was created!”

Susie enjoys coaching, triathlons, Crossfit, yoga and spending time with her dog, family and friends.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Heath

Dr. Lee Nagel and Dr. Heath Nagel are the creators and founders of the True Weight Loss Solutions Metabolic Recovery Program. Brothers and Doctors, Heath and Lee Nagel, had a shared vision to not only help people shed the weight, but in turn reclaim their health. They tragically lost their mother as young boys due to a cardiovascular event which propelled them into careers to share the message of wellness and health as a life’s work. Since 2014, True Weight Loss Solutions has helped thousands of people recover their metabolism, get off medications, and heal.

Drs. Lee and Heath strive to empower people to be the master and creators of their health and wellness. They feel the American lifestyle is killing us and our modern healthcare system is failing to support behavior changes to create wellness, instead chasing symptoms with medications.

After years teaching the modules to the public, they realized that a common theme was the need for a “how to” program for weight loss and increased energy. This led to the development of True Weightloss Solutions in 2014.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee Nagel earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He’s been in practice at Dekalb Chiropractic Center since 2001. Throughout his career, his belief that the human body has the God-given ability to heal itself given the right conditions. Living in an unhealthy culture, Dr. Nagel has spent much of his time teaching wellness principles to his patients – how to eat, move, and think well and went on to become a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner. Dr. Nagel's professional goal of creating a healthier community was realized as he created a wellness certification and taught classes in the community. In 2017, Dr. Lee Nagel joined Health Centers of the Future and became a Functional Medicine Practitioner. He continues to offer workshops for those suffering from autoimmune conditions, thyroid conditions, autism, longevity, and metabolic syndrome.

His practice combines a 3-part approach on the road to healing:

  1. Restoring spine and nervous system function through chiropractic care
  2. Nutrition programs for weight loss and hormone imbalances, and a
  3. Functional medicine program to restore gut health by addressing diet and remove toxins such as heavy metals from the body.

Dr. Nagel and his wife, Erin, are raising three active children in Auburn, IN. In their spare time, they love to travel and spend time at their lake cottage.

Dr. Heath

Dr. Heath Nagel always had a passion for natural health and specifically nutrition. This passion drove him toward pursuing chiropractic as a career. Dr. Nagel earned his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College in 2008. While in school Dr. Nagel also earned his certification as a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner. During his time at Palmer, Dr. Nagel had access to educational resources that revolutionized his understanding of food, nutrition, and metabolism. These core concepts are the backbone of what became True Weightloss Solutions.

After graduation, Dr. Heath joined his brother Dr. Lee Nagel in practice at Dekalb Chiropractic Center. Dr. Heath and Dr. Lee had a vision to change their community by creating a wellness education system for the public.

Dr. Nagel has also started a supplement manufacturing company to make clean products that support weight loss and energy.


Dixie Gerber
55 pounds

“I started the program 4 years ago and I lost 55 lbs in the first part of the program and then actually just restarted the program again a few months ago. What I love about this program is that I trust the people that I’m working with. I felt so amazing that I didn’t really want to go back to any old ways.”

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Do you need a Ketone meter and weight scale?

We offer the same version of this program with a ketone meter and Bluetooth-enabled weight scale that works directly with our mobile app. Purchase together for a discount.

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